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Start with basic buyer demographics — age, gender, income, etc.


Define & Differentiate

Add descriptive information from any available source — formal research, focus groups, white-boarding sessions, industry observations, best practices, personal expertise/experience, “hunches,” “gut instincts,” or a combination of all of the above



Get a richly-detailed persona that includes key traits, tendencies and characteristics, as well as functional insights culled from 50 years of academic research in personality science and behavioral economics


The secret sales tool that will have you saying "Quotas, schmotas!"

Explore the best ways to attract, engage and convert your prospects with our AI-powered behavioral segmentation & personalization tool. Find the right message, targeting the right people, at the right time.

Turn your ICPs and buyer personas into conversions with our AI-powered behavioral segmentation & personalization tool


SDR ICPs was founded by technology veterans who believe that B2B software applications should solve everyday problems in simple, straightforward ways, with no steep learning curves or excessive information requirements. If you're an SDR, sales coach or sales manager, our customer empathy platform is an essential tool for not only understanding your customer, but identifying, nurturing and closing them.


When we say "sales is hard," we mean that it's such a numbers game it usually seems like the only way to keep winning is to reach more and more prospects. But what if instead of more prospects, you could find better prospects? Our customer empathy platform helps you align your sales process to the needs, wants, drives and motivations of specific prospects, making it easier for you to contact, nurture, negotiate and close them.

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Flexible Pricing | Only Pay For What You Need

"I'm Just Curious"


  • Free Plan

  • Single User

  • Includes 1 ICP

  • Functionality:

    • Create

    • Customize

    • Edit/Revise (traits only)

For Individuals


  • Professional Plan

  • Single User + Sharing

  • Unlimited ICPs

  • Functionality:

    • Create

    • Customize

    • Edit/Revise

    • Delete

    • Manage

    • Share

  • Cancel any time​

For Teams


  • Enterprise Plans

  • 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 User Plans + Sharing

  • Unlimited ICPs

  • Functionality:

    • Create

    • Customize

    • Edit/Revise

    • Delete

    • Manage

    • Share

  • Cancel any time

The Impact Of Empathy On Sales:


How much sales reps who can empathize with their customers outsell their peers.

(SOURCE: Sanofi-Aventis Study)


Percent of consumers who feel companies have lost touch with "the human element"


How increased empathy impacts the overall performance of sales people.

(SOURCE: Empathy and affect in B2B salesperson performance)


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